Listen to Saurnimort's introductory number, Muahahahahahaha!


A kooky, completely addle-brained, and aged (but not-so-wizened) wizard, Professor Bumblebee has lost his rocker, his marbles, and just about anything else that can possibly be lost. Aided by his trusty roller sneakers, the Professor believes whole-heartedly that he can actually fly, and he uses his favorite kazoo to communicate (or so he believes) with the bumblebees.

The third (and least) member of the triumvirate Enforcers of Goodness, Professor Bumblebee helps Merdalfdore (mur-dawlf-dohr) and Neandrathill (nee-an-druh-thil) call upon the Powers of Weirdness to summon unto them Captain Awesome, who Merdalfdore and Neandrathill believe to be the prophesied Chosen One who will bring about the Fall of the Dark Lord.