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After a (very) long life being victimized by the Dark Arts (starting with his mother running off with the Dragon Lord Whodemis [hoo-dey-mis), the White Wizard Merdalfdore is on a holy quest to rid the world of the Forces of Evil and Darkness. Unfortunately, he usually can’t stay awake long enough to cast a spell, and his reputation for this narcolepsy has earned him the nickname of “The Sleep Walker.”

With the assistance of his fellow Enforcers of Goodness, the White Witch Neandrathill (nee-an-druh-thil) and eccentric wizard Professor Bumblebee, Merdalfdore calls upon the Powers of Weirdness to send unto them the ultimate weapon against the Dark Lord: Captain Awesome, who Merdalfdore and Neandrathill believe to be the prophesied child who will bring about the Fall of the Dark Lord.