Listen to Saurnimort's introductory number, Muahahahahahaha!


Not conceived by parents, Captain Awesome sprang forth as a babe from a blossom on the Planes of Awesome. Believing him to be The Chosen One prophesied to bring about the Fall of the Dark Lord, the triumvirate Enforcers of Goodness Merdalfdore (mur-dawlf-dohr), Neandrathill, and Professor Bumblebee call upon the Powers of Weirdness to summon Captain Awesome to Musilasia, so that he can meet his fate and battle the Dark Lord.

The only thing bigger than his biceps is his ego, and the only hunger more insatiable than his lust for women is his lust for his own reflection. Full of confidence and bravado, will Captain Awesome prove to be the hero the Enforcers of Goodness need to defeat the Dark Lord?